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  1. To check number is positive or negative
  2.  5-table using while, do while. for loop
  3. 5-table using for loop taking value from prompt box. 
  4.  when button click, extra content should add to existing content. 
  5.  onmouse over, onmouse out change background color of p element. 
  6.  button click, content in p tag should change. 
  7.  button click, show content present in p tag in alert box. 
  8.  button click, font size, color of p tag content should change. 
  9.  validate basic form field phone number. 
  10.  show site length of web page. 
  11.  addition of two numbers. Taking values from prompt box and showing result. 
  12.  accept age from prompt box check whether eligible for voting. 
  13.  accept a,b,c from prompt box, check which number is greater and show using document.write
  14.  using switch, create calculator. a,b -number c- operation symbol. a,b,c from prompt box. 
  15.  loop, display 1 to 10
  16.   loop should come out when i=5,  I=1to 10. Display 1to 5.